Cuddly Buddy for mothers and their babies

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Alternative of a larger breast-feeding pillow

A lot of mothers have a good experience with a breast-feeding pillow. It is nearly two metres long roll pillow filled with beads so the body can comfortably adapt. It is perfect for body backing or baby positioning during breastfeeding. The only disadvantage is its size. It is not appropriate for travelling but especially there it could be really helpful, the caring conditions for babies are rather more difficult. We offer the alternative. Cuddly Buddy pillow is smaller but your body can comfortably adapt wherever you may be. The filling is similar and the smooth microbeads support your body. It is very practical so there is no problem to go out with it. Cuddly Buddy includes a handy travel bag.

Mothers-to-be will enjoy it as well. Placing it behind the back and neck they can relieve their body and backaches, nearly all women suffer from backaches in later stages of pregnancy. It is possible to soften the seat by Cuddly Buddy.

Till the baby is very small, the breastfeeding lasts for a long time. It is difficult for mothers to find the most suitable position. Try Cuddle Buddy behind your back, on your arm with a baby. Relieve your shoulders and back. There are many possibilities and positions. The pillow is washable, physiologically unexceptionable, no need to worry.

just play with it. Children like playing with comfortable cushions and sheets. Cuddly Buddy is the best thing for relieving and relaxing. It is a soft comfort pillow ideal for children to play with it. You will be surprised how big the children fantasy is. They cannot be hurt.

However, one warning is necessary. Cuddly Buddy contains small parts, the microbeads filling. It is not suitable toy for children under the age of three. Do not leave the children with it beyond control.

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