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:: Cuddle Buddy and backbone problems
:: Cuddly Buddy pillows in the care of bedridden patients
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Cuddle Buddy and backbone problems

The backbone problems are the most frequent cause of pain at all. Every year many people see the doctors because of the problems associated with backaches. The causes are known, sitting at work, lack of movement, the wrong posture especially during sitting and sleeping as well. The posture during sleeping is often neglected but very important. A human sleep about the third of his/her life. Unfitting bed mattress, pillow and also position of our body and head have a big influence (not only) on backbone problems.

Everybody knows a lot of backaches, kinesalgia and desmalgia leave after warming-up. But after the resting period, e.g. at night the body stiffens and the pain appears again, sometimes in a bigger intensity. The proper choice of mattress and pillow is important. Cuddle Buddy pillows are irresistibly smooth, comfortable and due to the special microbeads filling they incredibly squishable.

Neglecting the prevention backache appears, there are necessary medicamentous cure and also physiotherapy (exercises, massage), changing the posture and last but not least aids for comfortable sleeping. What does a neurologist say? It is important to fix the head in the correct position especially when we have the backbone problems. There are a lot of aids useful to fix the correct position of head, most of them are solid (e.g. different kinds of foam pillows). To choose the most suitable aid is very individual and sometimes very problematic. It depends on the sleeping posture, rachiocampsis and shoulder height.

Cuddle Buddy pillows due to their filling are the only ones that can conform to anybody. The sleeping posture and shoulder height is not important. They are very soft and easily conformable so they conform to anybody. They mould themselves to neck and shoulders and support your head. They are very comfortable and smooth. They can be recommended to all kinds of figures due to their excellent conformability.

Our backbone suffers during travelling, long hours in one position, not always optimally formed seat, limited possibility to stretch. Sleeping while sitting is probably the biggest body burden. Cuddly Buddy pillows can be shaped to fix our head or we can use the special neck pillow. We can use these pillows for our shoulders if we have the pain there.

The statistics say that 70 % population mentions repetitious or permanent backaches. The prevention is very important. It means the proper posture, regular exercises, good choice of mattress and suitable pillow. Have you tried Cuddle Buddy pillows?


Cuddly Buddy pillows in the care of bedridden patients

The situation of hard sick bedridden person in a long term is extremely difficult. It totally examines mental and physical thews of a patient and his family. The patient suffers from being disabled, the loss of intimacy and the quilt towards physicians. Long-term lying devastates the body, joint mobility gets worse, unused muscles get weaker. Decubitus appears and the treatment is very problematic when the person is confined to bed.



It is the local injury to skin, subcutis and often the muscle as well, with the subsequent necrosis and ulcerous mortification. It grows in those places with the concentrated compression of body to bed, especially if there is only the small layer of subcutaneous fat and muscles between the bone and skin. Because patients lie most often on their back, the decubitus appears most often in parts of sacrum, hip joint and edge-bone, on heels, elbows and bladebones.

The basis of prevention of decubitus is reducing of compression on endangered areas. This can be reached by the proper choice of bed, therefore anti decubitus mattress, using anti decubitus aids and patient positioning. Cuddly Buddy could be widely used here. This pillow is very soft and comfortable that easily changes its shape because of its microbeads. So it is possible to use it to underlay critical areas and reduce the compression on the bed. You can put it under the back, hips, elbows or calves of a patient. The advantage is it is very comfortable and can be washed. In case there is already bounded decubitus, e.g. on a heel or elbow, this pillow can be used to underlay the area that will not touch the bed at all.

The essential role in prevention is the patient positioning. The time of compression on the endangered area must be very short. There are the lateral and inclined lateral positions and it is often necessary to fix the position by a pillow. Cuddly Buddy can be used in that situation as well. It is easily workable. The inclined lateral position in term of compression arrangement seems to be the best. A patient must not lie directly on a bone, either the hip or the thighbone. This area has to be underlaid, Cuddly Buddy pillows are very helpful. Cuddly Buddy can be used to avoid the contact of knees or ankles.

The problem of decubitus is not only the long-term bedridden patients´ problem. It can rise in a few minutes or hours in some cases (after the injury or operation). Do not wait for that problem but try to avoid it by the suitable care and aid choice. Fine and suitable anti decubitus aids decline the risk, they extend the intervals between positioning and decline the physical intensity in care of the patient. It is good to invest to the high-quality products.


Sitting up

A big advantage is the possibility to sit up the patient. Cuddly Buddy pillow could be used to soften the seat or the elbow board. It is useful for better relief to put the pillow between the thighs and arms. You can underlay the back and soften the backrest. Positioning is essential during the sitting and the endangered areas have to be underlaid by the pillow.



Exercising should be the regular daily routine of a patient. Only that way the acceptable joint and muscle mobility can be reached. A person can squish it, stretch it or use it as a footrest. The silky soft pillow surface and sensuous microbeads inside work their magic.


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